We protect private homes, country estates, farms, stables, and more, providing a single security officer through to a team of any size, assuring property, assets and people remain safe at all times of the day and night.

  • Residential security requirements can vary considerably depending on the situation, threat or location
  • Our initial action would be to visit the property, undertake a risk assessment and full client consultation
  • Our aim ~ to devise a method of reducing any risks to property, people, assets
  • We would provide a residential security plan with recommendations as to the level of security required


The plan may involve just one of our officers working during the daylight hours or possibly another officer on nights or a larger team who can maintain a more physical presence in and around the property thus able to monitor any people, assets and vehicles entering / leaving the property or premises


  • Our officers can work overtly or in a covert role, possibly dictated by the current security situation

  • Male and female security officers, able to blend in if required, possibly appearing as members of staff (or sometimes as family members) or as is normal, stand out as residential security officers acting as a deterrent

  • Any location at any time and any weather, observe and monitor the entrance and exit to any property, patrol perimeters and provide a safe environment to live and work within.

We provide security at any property regardless of size or location 





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