We provide close protection officers / bodyguards to ensure that our clients never suffer from any risk or embarrassment to themselves, their family, friends, and colleagues, also protecting property and valuable assets. Our close protection bodyguards and residential security operatives also assist, advise and provide a personal and confidential service assuring that our clients daily life is enjoyable, safe and certainly secure.

Our close protection bodyguard operatives control and prevent any form of threat by due diligence and constant risk assessments, ensuring at all times that their client's remains safe in any environment, urban or rural.

Paraguard has provided professional bodyguards to foreign royalty, business personnel, private individuals, foreign workers, lone workers, bank executives, foreign diplomats, celebrities, holiday companies, local council, solicitors, sports personalities, riding stables, promotion companies, corporate motor company, film company, stalking and blackmail victims, art studios






Executive Close Protection ~ Personal Bodyguards


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